About Us

The ultimate inspiration for MOVE92 came from an organization called Partners Asia. Partners Asia has been conducting development work in a way that is far from business-as-usual in the international aid world.  For 20 years, Partners Asia has served as the shining example of how and why trust-based philanthropy works.

Inspired by the decades of success at Partners Asia, Hal Nathan and Therese Caoutte wanted to take this way of working to a broader geographic audience, but they hadn’t landed on which form this new outreach movement needed to take.

Enter the book Drawdown.

The idea for Move92 began when Hal read the book Drawdown, which highlights the fact that investing in girls and women’s leaderships (through education, health services and economic opportunities) is the #1 thing we can do to reduce the impacts of global warming.

Hal invited Therese to work with him in building a movement, drawing on what they knew works through Partners Asia’s model, and Move92 was created to spread the word. Move92 began their first grants in Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia and Guatemala. Therese then invited Geneva Pritchard, a long-time colleague, to work together to identify opportunities for collaborations.

Today, Geneva is taking the lead in Move92 ‘s growth and expansion with a strong emphasis on getting the Move92 word out globally. Geneva is based in Christchurch, New Zealand, which opens up exciting opportunities for engaging an Asia Pacific donor base and network of local leaders in this region as well.

Most recently, Move92 has connected US and New Zealand based grant-makers with new partners in Sri Lanka and Greece to foster new trust-based granting partnerships. This work is in addition to a very exciting collaboration with the New Zealand’s Himalayan Trust and local leaders in Nepal.

Move92 grants range from $5,000 – $25,000, and each grant is based upon community-driven design. We work closely with local leaders to evaluate how the grant is working (and creatively address any issues together). Relationships are at the heart of how we work, and each grant aims to empower local leaders to create lasting change within their unique communities.