As a grantmaker,
you are someone who likes to learn.
You see the benefit in creating new possibilities step-by-step. And you value listening to discover what’s really going on.

You are a person who understands that most complex problems involving gender equity are not solved by simple “western” solutions, but by a gradual shifting of relationships, resources, and mindsets.

You understand that all people live in unique communities — communities that are guided by subtle rules and histories that are known by everyone … but almost never written down.

You believe the individuals closest to these communities know the most about how to get things done.

Most importantly, you see the tremendous work that is already done, and you want to make a real difference in this world. With real women. For real women.

You want to feel proud of your contribution to this world — just as it is — right now. And you’re willing to enter into a granting relationship that will yield rewards in many dimensions.

For years to come.

What about YOU?

Come join us.